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We have won the silver medals in the World Hockey Championship and I am so so proud of our boys because they did such a great job and they all stuck together, played with their hearts and they played for our great player Pavol Demitra who died in plane crash….
Today, they tried to do their best and beat Russia but there is no reason of being sad of that we have lost, because we are still the second best team in the world and we made an amazing progress! Those silver medals are more valuable for us then gold ones! :)
At the end of the game I was crying my eyes out but not because of being unhappy but especially for that how our captain Zdeno Chára and also Tomáš Kopecký wore the jersey of Pavol Demitra and they dedicated our silver victory to him! This moment was so touching!
I would also like to see young boys of our team, such as Tomáš Tatar, Libor Hudáček and Juraj Mikúš to be as happy about our success as older guys were. You should not be ashamed of anything because you played bloody well, you are also so young and you have many and many championships in front of you. I think that winning the silver medal in your age is a great success for you! :)
So I would like to thank you all guys for making this championship so special! This was one of the best championship and I am quite sad that it is over right now…. I will miss my team so freaking much…I am already missing my team so much! Hope to see you guys next year in Helsiniki in this same composition as this year!
Love you all so much and I am really proud of each one of you! :) Xxx

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